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    About H2O Aquariums
    H20 Aquariums was established in 1995. We specialize in Salt Water Marine & Corals, Cichlids, Tropical freshwater fish and Goldfish. At H20 Aquariums we aim to give customers good sound advice on all aspects of fish keeping & supply good quality products that represent the best value for money.
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    H2O Aquarium fish
    We have a large range of Marine fish in stock at all times & can get most fish available on request. We keep a good selection of corals, so come on in & check them out. Live rock & base rock in stock as well. We stock a complete range of Freshwater Tropical from Neons, Tetra’s and Guppies to Cichlids large & small.
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    On purchasing a Complete setup which includes Aquarium-Hood-Cabinet or Magazine Stand you will receive 10% discount on all accessories.
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